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Studio Avì is a sustainable fashion brand for women and men based in Stuttgart, Germany. 

It was founded in 2021 by fashion designers and custom tailors Ellen Wulf and Clara Carlier.


Our brand name comes from “à vie”, meaning “for life”, “forever” in French. This is therefore what we strive for – timeless and long-lasting fashion. 


Our collections are for people with a youthful spirit, who are looking for minimalist style with a sporty, feminine twist. 


We want to offer “feel good products” with soft, skin-friendly materials and carefully crafted models for the perfect fit. 


We design and develop in Stuttgart and most of our products are also sewn in our own studio.


We stand for sustainability, high quality and social responsibility throughout the entire supply chain.


We want to take a stand against the fast fashion industry, which produces disposable clothes and is responsible for microplastics from synthetic fabrics, environmental pollution through pesticides in the cotton fields, exploitation of textile workers and mistreatment of animals.


This is why we only work with sustainable fabrics like GOTS certified organic cotton, Refibra Tencel™ or residual materials from silk, wool and cotton.

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